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Financial Investigations

  • Investigate fraud & embezzlement alegations
  • Prepare economic anaysis, damage and recovery calculations
  • Perform due dilligence procedures for investors and bankers
  • Mitigate elder abuse and exploitation
  • Bring to light breeches of fiduciary duty
  • Serve as expert witness and litigation support specialist

Business Consulting

  • Serve as interim CFO and CEO
  • Review, analyze and maintain systems of internal controls, compliance & audit
  • Manage processes of budgeting, strategic planning and risk management
  • Train, mentor and motivate
  • Resolve sensitive business issues, unrecorded liabilities (e.g. taxes) and other matters that put an organization at risk
  • Implement business transitions and change

Advocate for individuals and families

  • Managing complex personal or business financial issues associated with anticipated or unexpected change
  • Navigating family business dynamics for planning, transitions and best practices
  • Investigating and resolution of financial abuse – particularly that associated with elder abuse and estate mismanagement

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Financial forensics uncovers costly fraud, damage or liability concerns. Scott Company Consulting, Inc’s mission is to lend integrity, transparency and professionalism to bring financial concerns to an expedient resolution.

Special Forces Forensic Accounting – Working in the trenches to find the hidden messages in the numbers.

Lisa troe

Paul always maintained a very professional attitude…Paul was always cheerfully willing to do whatever he could to be helpful. Paul’s experience was what we needed and would be tremendously useful in whatever situation Paul might seek. Paul is a person of high integrity. He is a genuinely good person with a very good skill base and would be a positive asset


Lisa L Troe


His knowledge of his profession, coupled with his energy, contributed to the team and company producing many positive results. Paul was dependable, flexible and committed to our management team.


Katherine G. Lockwood