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Profile: A publicly-held, multi-entity consolidated company with approximately 800 employees. Financial management had undergone significant turnover (five controllers and three Chief Financial Officers in a 12 month period). Additionally, the company had consummated a merger transaction of equal size, and then also completed a significant acquisition.

“After Paul’s help and guidance with the preparation for our audit and the Securities and Exchange Commission Form 10-K was filed, the Board of Directors brought in new management, including a new Chief Executive Officer. The new management team extended Paul’s consulting engagement, which was originally planned to last only through the audit.  New management relied on Paul for daily financial management and analyses which were crucial to the continued operation of the Company. Given the turmoil of the changing personnel at the company, Paul’s extended work stay says quite a bit about his value.

Paul always maintained a very professional attitude. He had a very positive view of things, even under tremendous pressure and while working 14 hour days and through weekends. Paul was always cheerfully willing to do whatever he could to be helpful. Paul’s experience was what we needed and would be tremendously useful in whatever situation Paul might seek. Paul is a person of high integrity. He is a genuinely good person with a very good skill base and would be a positive asset.”

Lisa L. Troe

Profile: Volatile & unstable company experiencing significant change and turnover.  This engagement was a turnaround situation that eventually resulted in a sale to a larger public company.

“Paul possesses not only a professional attitude, but a very positive one, which has proven to be very contagious within the work environment. His knowledge of his profession, coupled with his energy, contributed to the team and company producing many positive results. Paul was dependable, flexible and committed to our management team. During his tenure with us there were many changes within systems as well executive management of the organization. Paul was able to weather this extremely well, continuing to maintain his focus and responsibilities.

Paul was continually under tremendous pressure to meet specific timing deadlines and did so without fail. I think Paul will prove to be a valuable asset to any organization.”

Katherine G. Lockwood